Ruth Little

Since 1991 Mrs. Little has served at RCA. Currently, she is the Academic Dean counseling students in course selections and college preparation. She also serves as the school’s math department chairman.

Carol Ramsey

Since 1978 Mrs. Ramsey has been employed at RCA.  At this time she is the Information Manager.

Hannah Roberts

Mrs. Roberts serves as our Accounts Manager. She has been employed at RCA since 2008.

Michele Keene

Mrs. Keene has worked at RCA since 2002. Currently she serves as our school secretary.

Modesti Cavenaugh

Mrs. Cavenaugh joined our staff in 1996 as a preschool teacher. She has taught K4, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade. She stepped into the role of Early Childhood Director in 2005.

Jennifer Wood

Mrs. Wood joined our staff in 2001 as a part-time teacher/substitute. She joined on as a full-time teacher in 2010 and current serves as a preschool teacher.

Rio Cavenaugh

Mrs. Cavenaugh joined our staff in the fall of 2017 as a kindergarten teacher.

Kim Wagenschutz

Mrs. Wagenschutz joined our staff in the fall of 2020 as a kindergarten teacher.

Sarah Barker

Miss Barker has been serving at RCA since 2004 and currently teaches the second grade

Evelyn Moses

Mrs. Moses became a teacher at RCA in the fall of 1987. She is currently our third grade teacher.

Janet Howard

Mrs. Howard has taught at RCA since 1987 and currently teaches the fourth grade.

Timothy Williams

Mr. Williams started teaching history and music at RCA in 1992. In 2003 he became the Elementary Administrator and later moved to Assistant Principle in 2010. Mr. Williams now serves as the School Administrator.

Gayle Hill

Mrs. Hill has been teaching at RCA since 1987. She teaches middle school and high school math classes, as well as computer and technology classes for elementary and middle school grades.

Leatha Mimlitsch

Mrs. Mimlitsch has been teaching at RCA since 1987. She teaches a Bible class as well as all of the middle school science classes.

Mack Stephens

Coach Stephens has served at RCA since 1988. He serves as the school’s athletic director, coaches cross country, and teaches PE classes for grades 6-9.


David Lilly

Mr. Lilly has taught at RCA since 1996. He serves in the area of music and has been in Christian education for over 40 years.


Yoshi Nakamura

Mr. Nakamura has taught instrumental music lessons and conducted the school bands since 1996. RCA’s instrumental groups have received numerous state and national recognitions because of his leadership.


Emily Nakamura

Mrs. Nakamura has taught at RCA since 2003. She teaches senior high English classes. In addition, she teaches piano lessons as well as conducted several vocal choir groups.


Christen Jernigan

Mrs. Jernigan has taught PE classes and directed the varsity cheerleaders since 2008 at RCA. Mrs. Jernigan is an RCA graduate.


Judi Spooner

Mrs. Spooner has taught all of RCA’s art lessons and art classes since 2009.


Kelli Wood

Since 2016, Mrs. Wood has taught all of the senior high schience classes. She serves as the school’s science department chairman.



Amy Erickson

Mrs. Erickson teaches the middle school English classes. She also serves as coach for several middle school ball teams. Mrs. Erickson is a graduate of RCA.




Tabitha Moore

Miss Moore began teaching at RCA in the fall of 2017. She teaches senior high math classes.



Victoria Carrillo

Mrs. Carrillo teaches senior high Spanish classes at RCA.