Raleigh Christian Academy offers a preschool program designed to give your child a solid foundation for starting school. Through a structured and loving classroom, your four-year-old will be introduced to phonics, cursive writing, language development skills, and most importantly, the Bible. Raleigh Christian Academy’s goal is to provide a Christian environment for children, while teaching them essential academic skills and character traits that will prepare them for kindergarten and elementary school.

In Raleigh Christian Academy’s kindergarten program, students learn in a wholesome environment. Using the phonics approach, students at RCA are given the most essential component in learning-the ability to read. Christian values and character are taught by caring teachers. Get ready to watch your child excel in a safe, structured academic program. You’ll be amazed and impressed with how much your child will learn.

Using the nationally recognized ABeka Curriculum, RCA’s kindergarten students are taught the skills of cursive writing. In math, students acquire skills to count up to one hundred. Adding, subtracting, telling time, recognizing and counting money are skills every kindergarten student learns. Science, social studies, and health are also vital subjects in each class. Daily Bible lessons are taught in such a way as to reach the heart of every kindergarten student and to build character. The education and training that your kindergarten student will receive at Raleigh Christian Academy will set a foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Raleigh Christian Academy is accredited by the North Carolina Christian School Association (NCCSA) and the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS).