The transitional middle school years are vitally important in the development of every young person. With the beginning of adolescence, students need the security and encouragement that Raleigh Christian Academy offers. Academically, students will be challenged and prepared for senior high school by taking courses that are intense-yet geared for the average student.

Whether it is spiritually, academically, and socially, everything is done in such a way as to prepare students for the secondary level. Students will have an opportunity to enroll in the academy’s popular accelerated math program. Middle school is also a time when students can participate in interscholastic athletics. The experience of RCA’s middle school includes changing classes, lockers, and more prominent field trips. With the academy’s advanced core curriculum, students also tackle science projects, research projects, take computer classes, and enjoy physical education daily. Middle school is a wonderful time to grow up and become a teenager at Raleigh Christian Academy.