In the fall of 1977, seventeen students and two teachers met together in the facilities of Beacon Baptist Church in the inaugural year of Raleigh Christian Academy.

Bearing a great concern over the teachings and influence of the public schools system, Pastor Emeritus Randy Cox and the members of the church sought God’s mind and blessing over this venture. Knowing that this was the will of God, the academy was born. After such a humble beginning, God has indeed blessed the school during the last three decades. The pastor chose Richard and Gwen Tippett to come and help start the school. With both teaching and Dr. Tippett doubling as the academy principal, the school began simply with combination classes of Kindergarten four and five year olds and first and second graders.

Each year, another grade was added, as well as a teacher for that grade. Adding growth slowly and deliberately was by design so that the church could adjust to classroom and faculty needs in a gradual manner. In 1987, under the leadership of Dr. Tippett, Raleigh Christian Academy produced its very first graduating class with eleven seniors receiving diplomas from a Christian high school. Since then, hundreds of students have graduated from Raleigh Christian Academy.