Raleigh Christian Academy is a school for students from preschool through grade twelve. We believe in keeping Jesus Christ and his teachings as the central focus of every aspect of our school curriculum, whether it is science, math, history, literature or the arts. A comprehensive study of God’s Word will develop a student’s understanding of his purpose in life. It will also develop obedience as the basis of Christian character and ultimately train the student in Godly wisdom. RCA is not meant to take the place of the Christian home but to be an extension of the Christian home in training young people for time and eternity in a Christian environment. The academy staff desires to work closely with parents to develop the whole child: spiritually, physically, and mentally.

To help you become knowledgeable of the policies and day-to-day operations of the school, we have developed these student handbooks. These handbooks provide families with important information about student life at RCA. The following policies and procedures represent the desire of the faculty and staff of Raleigh ChristianAcademy to provide order and organization. While we have made an attempt to cover every aspect of school life, these handbooks are not all-inclusive regarding polices, procedures, and expectations. Commitment to these policies and procedures by students, parents, and staff enables RCA to run on a smooth, orderly basis. Consistent support of them, however, will produce even more significant and lasting accomplishments for the students.

RCA reserves the right to modify any and all parts of these handbooks in order to continue meeting the needs of its students, parents, faculty and staff. We look forward to a partnership that will grow to a life long relationship between your home and Raleigh Christian Academy.

Elementary Handbook
MS/HS Handbook