Weekly music classes are taught to all students beginning in kindergarten. Students may try out for choirs beginning in sixth grade. The senior high choir, ensemble, and chorale have received numerous awards and have been recognized nationally for their performances. Students may join one of RCA’s three band programs and begin individual lessons as early as fourth grade. Individual piano lessons are offered before, during, or occasionally after school. Students wishing to concentrate on their singing abilities may take private voice lessons that are taught by the academy’s music faculty. Two handbell choirs are offered to students in middle school and senior high.


Weekly art classes are available to all academy students beginning in kindergarten. Art electives are offered to students at RCA beginning in the middle school grades and continuing into senior high school where students can take art courses for credit.

Speech and Oratory

Senior High students at Raleigh Christian Academy are required to take a speech and public speaking course as a part of their graduation requirements for a college preparatory diploma. Students participate in regular speech and oratory activities on campus and participate in fine arts competitions during the spring semester.