The school is accredited regionally by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, RCA is accredited by the North Carolina Christian School Association (NCCSA) as well as the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS). The academy is also under the auspices of the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education.

RCA offers many of the same subjects but puts a greater emphasis on the fundamental, core subjects in preparation for college. Honors level and advanced courses are offered including an accelerated math program. The academy offers a variety of music electives such as hand bells, choirs, three band programs, ensembles, chorales, and other small music groups. RCA also offers speech, yearbook, technology as well as a variety of teacher, athletic, and office assistants programs.

Tuition at RCA may be viewed insert-pdf-here.

Rather than use end of grade testing, RCA uses the IOWA Achievement Test to evaluate students’ progress in each grade, 1-12. The IOWA is one of the most respected achievement tests used by schools today.

On average, RCA students score between 1 and 3 years above students in public schools.

Seniors taking the SAT during the last five years have averaged 1175 on the reading and math portions.

Conservative dress standards always help in the education process. In the middle school and senior high, boys are permitted to wear casual style pants or colored jeans and a collared shirt that is tucked. Girls are permitted to wear neat-looking skirts or dresses that come no higher than the middle of the knee. Similar guidelines apply to elementary students, although boys may wear casual shorts or neat-looking blue jeans and T-shirts.

Since 1987, 98% of RCA’s graduates have enrolled in 4-year colleges and universities.

Yes, they do. Since 1987, graduates from RCA have received scholarship funds totaling over $8 million.

RCA students have either Bible or chapel. Elementary classes have chapel every other week. Middle school and high school classes have chapel two times each week and Bible classes two to three times each week.

RCA offers a competitive athletic program to students in grades 6-12. Fall sports include boys’ soccer, cross-country, and volleyball; winter sports include basketball and cheerleading; and spring sports include girls’ soccer, baseball, and golf.

RCA has computers in every classroom, as well as a technology lab. Computer classes are offered to all students beginning in preschool through middle school. RCA incorporates technology training in elementary through a program called Global Academics, Inc. The program incorporates an integrated technology curriculum designed by teachers and based on over 350 literacy objectives in nine different technology areas. Students will take materials taught in the classrooms and integrate them into programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint.

Teachers utilize Mimeo in their classroom instruction. Students in grades 7-12 have the option of using digital textbooks, as well as using personal computer devices.